pprof user interface

pprof now is coming with a Web UI. In order to try it out, go get the pprof tool:

$ go get github.com/google/pprof

The tool launches a web UI if -http flag is provided. For example, in order to launch the UI with an existing profile data, run the following command:

$ pprof -http=:8080 profile.out

You can focus, ignore, hide, and show with regexp. As well as clicking on the boxes and using the refining menu also works:

You can peek, list, and disassemble and box. Especially listing is a frequently used feature to understand the cost by line:

You can also have the regular listing view and use regexp filtering to focus, ignore, hide and show.

Recently, web UI added support for flame graphs. The pprof tool is now able to display flame graphs without any external dependencies!

The Web UI is going to be in Go 1.10, but you can try it by go getting from head and report bugs and improvements!